Don't fear the fruit!

Some people gasp when I tell them I put three bananas in my smoothie. But when you’re eating a plant-based diet without excessive added fats and oils, you can enjoy fruit without worrying about counting the calories (but just in case you want to count calories, this contains 630 of them – yes, go ahead, you can gasp now). Try to get your fat/oil intake to no more than 10 percent of daily calories. That may sound restrictive but it’s doable.  And when you are able to substitute the calories from the fat and oil with plants you’ll be able to eat more! (I’ll do a post on that soon).

You can  cut the recipe in half if the calories freak you out or if you don’t exercise. (But you should try to get outside and walk for 30 minutes – it’s good for the body and soul).

I like eating most of my calories at the beginning of the day and I do it in a smoothie. I’ll follow up with a veggie salad for lunch and some boiled potatoes and cauliflower for dinner (I’ll share that in another recipe). Starting your day with a smoothie is easy and wakes you up with fresh flavors and colors. This one is packed with Vitamin C, and folic acid, and contains powerful antioxidants. And you can remember the recipe without writing it down.



    • 4 small blood oranges
    • 3 medium sized bananas
    • 1 mango (flesh)
    • ice (optional)



  1. Mix in a blender and enjoy!.

Enjoy our Blood Orange Mango Smoothie, let us know what you think