Feel Good Desserts macarons caught my eye when I was in my favorite supermarket, Mother's Market in Costa Mesa, CA.

At the time, I was actually not looking for something to eat – I was looking for a product for my food photography class. I chose them because they’re so visually beautiful I thought they would be the perfect subject matter. After photographing the pastel colored confections, I popped one…and then another…in my mouth. Then I fell in love. I’m currently obsessed with these scrumptious little clouds.

I have the biggest sweet-tooth ever and baked goods in particular are my weakness.  When I became vegan I thought I would have to give up this significant food group.  I soon learned, however, that there are some bakers who just know how to whip up amazing creations without the use of animal products. This is cause for celebration.

Because I have little will power when it comes to all things baked, I must refrain from buying more than one package. I WILL eat all of them in one sitting (and have). The four-pack containers come in different flavors – my favorite flavor pack includes vanilla, hazelnut and coffee.  The mouth feel is delicate with a bit of firmness that quickly gives way to a soft, airy texture and a creamy finish as you reach the center.  I admit, I put the entire macaron in my mouth at once – is that wrong?

I only feel slightly guilty because these are about as healthy a product as you will find in any bakery:

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No gluten
  • No refined sugar
  • No animal products


The founders use ingredients from organic distributors, local farmers and vendors.  The packaging is recyclable.  It’s no wonder the company has been nominated nationwide as “Best Cookie Company” by Veg News.

So where can you find these magical creations?  Feel Good Desserts has a brick and mortar location in Simi Valley, CA and has distributors in California, Nevada and Colorado.  If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these areas, check out their store locater.

I am eager to try their other products and am a self-proclaimed Feel Good Desserts groupie – I’m sure I’m not alone.  Next time you have a craving for something sweet and delicate, indulge in a macaron – or four.  I want to thank founders Oxana Navrotskaya and Alex Galyuk for contributing to cruelty-free living with a wonderful product and brand.