Using pre-made ingredients is an excellent way to save time when making any meal.  As long as they are quality products, your end-results will be delicious - this zucchini pizza is no exception.

In this recipe, I use fresh zucchini with a pre-made pizza crust and my favorite brand of marinara sauce.  I also made a vegan “cheese” using only two ingredients – pine nuts and salt.  It’s a very quick non-dairy cheese that adds all of the zest of real cheese with none of the cholesterol.

My non-vegan friend, Melissa,  tasted this and told me she would actually order this in a restaurant instead of a pizza with meat toppings – that’s the ultimate compliment.  The zucchini, which is sliced extra thin, looks delicate and inviting, making this quick-dish look very impressive.  You don’t have to tell anyone that it’s only semi-homemade.

Total Time: 40 minutes
Prep Time:  30 minutes
Cook Time: 7 – 10 minutes (per package directions 
Level: Easy
Yield: 2 personal pizzas 


  •         2-6” premade pizza shells (recommended brand Mama Mary’s)
  •         ½ c. quality marinara sauce (preferred brand Classico Tomato & Basil)
  •          1 medium zucchini
  •         1/8 cup pine nuts
  •         1 t. salt
  •         2 T. fresh basil cut in ribbons
  •         1 T. red pepper flakes


  1.  Preheat oven to 425 degrees (or recommended temperature of prepackaged pizza crusts)
  2.   Slice zucchini in 1/8 inch thick slices using either a knife or a mandolin.
  3.   Sprinkle zucchini with ½ t. salt and gently mix.  Place zucchini in colander and let sit for 20 minutes.  The salt will remove excess water from the zucchini.
  4.   Place zucchini on paper towels and pat dry.
  5.   Place ¼ c. marinara sauce on each pie crust.
  6.   Arrange zucchini on pie crusts starting at the outer edge and working your way in, overlapping slices.
  7.   Mix pine nuts with ½ t. salt in food processor until fully ground.  The mixture will be     slightly wet and pasty.
  8.   Crumble pine nut mixture on top of pizzas.
  9.   Bake pizzas directly on oven rack for 7-10 minutes, or as directed on crust package.
  10.   Remove from oven and sprinkle pizzas with red pepper flakes and fresh basil.  Serve immediately.