Jackfruit Chili
4 years ago

Jackfruit Chili

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Canned jackfruit has a more neutral flavor and takes on the flavor of the spices you use while cooking it.

Make sure you rinse it thoroughly in a strainer before you cook with it because it is sometimes packed in water and lime juice and the acidity of the lime will throw off the flavor balance of your dish.

The reason we use jack fruit in vegan cooking is because of its texture, which is like shredded pork.  When you add spices to the jackfruit it takes on the flavor of the dish, in this case chili.  You can use it in tacos, soups or stews and you won’t miss the meat.  It’s low in calories (50 calories per half cup serving). This is also one of those dishes that tastes great the next day, so feel free to make this the night before and just reheat in a pan before serving.  Top with any fresh topping you like on your chili.  My favorite are the shredded corn tortilla strips, vegan sour cream, chopped onion and cilantro.  If you’re not a fan of cilantro, you can use fresh flat leaf parsley.

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