Spinach “Cheese”Toast
3 years ago

Spinach “Cheese”Toast

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Cheese – if there’s one thing that keeps people afraid of going vegan, this is it.  I’ve heard so many people say, “I can’t become vegan because I could never give up the cheese.”  It’s an understandable lament because cheese is so much a part of our childhood and our comfort food dishes.  But vegans and wanna-be vegans alike can rejoice. There are several cheese on the market that taste like the real thing.   One of the most amazing cheese substitutes is from a company called Miyoko’s Creamery.  My biggest issue with this product is that I want to eat the entire box in one setting.  In this recipe, I use their double cream chive product, made from cashews.  The creaminess and flavor will astound you. You can literally eat it right out of the package and be satisfied, but you will, as I was, be tempted to use it in recipes.  This is my first recipe using the product and the results are so delicious.  While I do make my own vegan cheese, let’s face it, it takes time which many of us don’t have.  The other big benefit to vegan cheese is that it has no cholesterol.  If you’re over 40, you want to keep that number below 200.  Miyoko’s Creamy is helping us to eat delicious food while being healthy at the same time.  If your store doesn’t carry the brand, you can order online.  I have a feeling, however, that this product is going to be in mainstream supermarkets very soon.  And while you’re using this great spread, make sure you use a quality bread.  Another favorite brand is Genesis 1:29 bread,  boasting 16 grains and seeds from 13 lands.  Your mouth is going to be very happy.

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